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Safety Tips

Please ensure few safety precautions.

• When exchanging items make sure research the original worth of the product.

• Always make sure to check items in person before exchanging.

• Always ask to meet in a public place such as restaurants, cafés, etc.

• Don’t invite strangers into your house or any place not seen or visited by many people; sheltered and private.

• Tell your concern people where you are going.

• Consider having a friend or family member to go with you.

• Don’t pay for anything via MoneyGram, Western Union, Easy Pasa, bank transfer etc. until you have met the person and checked the item personally

• Don’t provide your personal information such as address in your advert.

• Use your common sense; if the offer is too good and unbelievable, it’s a scam.

• The best form of payment is through cash or exchange of item.

• Do your research on the item and ask questions as many as you can about the item.

• Don’t hesitate to cancel any deal if you find something suspicious.

• Never share your credit card and bank account details.